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WinConsole 1.0

WinConsole 1.0

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WinConsole Publisher's Description

WinConsole wraps cmd.exe to provide a flexible editor like interface for the command prompt. It passes commands to cmd.exe and captures the resulting output (STDOUT and STDERR). Since it uses cmd.exe directly to execute commands, everything that works in the command prompt window will also work in WinConsole: Batch files, redirection using > and <, 'dir', 'echo', 'mkdir', etc. (Note that WinConsole actually wraps the program referenced by the "ComSpec" Windows environment variable. Hence, on Windows 95 and 98 it uses instead of cmd.exe.)
WinConsole is designed to facilitate the use of command line utilities and compilers (such as GCC and the Visual Studio 2005 Express edition.) Hence, it does not provide persistent access or interactive user input to cmd.exe. This means that the command 'del myFile.txt' works as expected. However, 'del myFolder' will result in the output 'myFolder\*, Are you sure (Y/N)?'. Since WinConsole is not designed for persistent access, answering 'Y' will have no effect.
In contrast to cmd.exe, you can
* use the mouse as in any other editor
* select, copy, paste and search
* resize the window
* change the font and other editor preferences
* change directories through a Windows Explorer like folder tree-view

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